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Residing in Tampa, Florida, ZenChristian Davis is a Black fiction writer turned poet, new author, mixed-media artist, and overall storyteller in many forms. A writer since childhood, her work has slowly transformed from a world solely rooted in imagination into one immersed in metaphor, self-discovery, and self reflection. In 2017, she graduated from the University of South Florida with a  BA in creative writing and psychology. While in college, competed in regional and national poetry slam team competitions. Some of her poetry has appeared in IO Literary Journal, Cordella Press, and Call + Response Literary Journal. In 2018, ZenChristian self-published her first poetry book "The Burned House Resurrects", available for purchase on She now runs an online art shop/studio, Eternal Hope Studio. Some of her latest writing projects include co-founding an online writing retreat @unwindinthegarden and a virtual creative space for Black Womxn @writersalon (Pronouns: She, her).