"In Zazen there's nothing, no God or universe. Just the here and now and yourself. In Christianity there's just Jesus Christ. Only God. I'm caught between being a leader to myself and a follower of others."

-From the Ashes She Will Rise

Residing in Tampa, Florida, ZenChristian Mott is a Black fiction writer turned poet, new author, mixed-media artist, youth slam coach, and overall storyteller. A writer since childhood, her work has slowly transformed from a world solely rooted in imagination into one immersed in metaphor, self-discovery, and self reflection. She received a BA in creative writing and psychology from the University of South Florida and while in college, competed in regional and national poetry slam team competitions. Some of her works have appeared in IO Literary Journal and Cordella Magazine. In 2018, ZenChristian self-published her first poetry book "The Burned House Resurrects", available for purchase on Amazon.com. When she's not working her 9-5, she is the Workshop Director for Heard Em Say Youth Arts Collective and shop owner of an online arts & crafts shop, Ambient Willow. Some of her latest writing projects include co-founding an online writing retreat @unwindinthegarden and a virtual creative space for Black Womxn @writersalon (Pronouns: She, her).