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Residing in Tampa, Florida, ZenChristian Davis is a Black fiction writer turned poet,  author, mixed-media artist, potter and overall storyteller in many forms. A writer since childhood, her work has slowly transformed from a world solely rooted in imagination into one immersed in metaphor, self-discovery, and self reflection. In 2017, she graduated from the University of South Florida with a  BA in creative writing and psychology.  Since then she's published poetry in various journals, became Workshop Director at Heard Em Say Youth Arts Collective, self published her first book " The Burned House Resurrects," and joined the Cordella Press team as their poetry reader and field notes editor. ZenChristian spends most of her days with her husband and pup, self caring, creating when she can, and daydreaming of the day she can run her online art shop, Eternal Hope Studio, full-time. (Pronouns: She, her).

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