About the Shop

Ambient Willow is a small black owned arts & crafts shop that offers a wide variety of original handmade creations. We are a shop dedicated to fostering feelings through art.  Here, how our customers feel about our creations matters because those connections are what give art and poetry meaning outside of the one already rooted in it by the creator. We understand that not everything created is meant to be understood or rationalized. Sometimes, they are meant to spark and bring emotional responses of the reader or viewer to the surface. To make a connection that no one may have the words for but knows exactly how it made them feel. All of our products are crafted & infused with love, eager to find a home with you.


Light Grows Here Collection

The Quarantined Spirit series is about the effects quarantine due to covid, has had on our spirits and inner worlds. The series is comprised of 8 original pieces featuring various flowers all reflecting a different mood. Each piece is titled, individually signed and dated.


When the Veil Thins


When the Veil Thins is a spooky season inspired series about the creatures that cross over  to earth when the veil between realms thins.

Clay Creations consists of handmade air dry clay and polymer clay pieces crafted and molded with light and love. Decorate your home with one of a kind incense holders, your patio with an ash try, or alter with a sunflower spirit, and much more.

Mini Zines


The Burned House Resurrects


Limited signed copies of The Burned House Resurrects, a poetry collection by ZenChristian Mott and merch inspired by the collection.


The archives is a home for old creations. It stores past collections, series, and items featured in the shop. Some creations currently archived include the Underneath the Willow Tree Bookmark Collection & the Botanical Flowers and Their Spirits Collection.

"I write poems in case I ever disappear"

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