About The Shop

Ambient Willow is a little online art shop owned by ZenChristian Mott, a black woman creative in Tampa, FL. She offers original artwork and creations all deeply rooted in hope, healing, and growth. The meaning of Ambient Willow simply put is "the hope that surrounds us." The shop was established in the summer of 2020 and was nothing more than the seed of an idea. What started out as just a space to share and sell art is now a community space for the souls that need a little joy and light or just to be seen. Ambient Willow is a shop that fosters  hope through art and cares about the well being and mental health of all creatives, especially black creatives.

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Creatures of Hope

The Creatures of Hope is the heart of what Ambient Willow is about. This permanent collection showcases various continuous line drawings & illustrated characters with flowers growing out of them. They are a symbol for staying in bloom even when the world doesn't want you to. The Creatures of Hope are here to bring you a little hope during rough and dark times.

Tote Bags


Original Paintings

Clay Earrings

Phone Wallpapers

"Surrounded by Love"

This limited edition tee features the character, Bloom from ZenChristian's painting series called Ambient Love. Bloom is a spirit that lives in the vast universe of the heart space. They are a reminder to embrace and immerse ourselves in the love that surrounds us single everyday, especially in times of uncertainty and darkness.

Embroidered T-Shirt

*Preorder Only*

*Preorder* "Surrounded by Love" T-Shirts

Follow the light keeper spirit, Joy, through a visual narrative comprised of 10 scenes that explore the journey of maintaining joy, compassion fatigue, and fostering you inner light.

Light Grows Here Collection


Ambient Willow proudly presents our latest project that is for creatives of all kinds made by a creative, called "Make Art."  The hopes for this project is to change the narrative of making "good" art and just simply create what feels good and right to you as the creator. Join the #makeartsquad today!

Black Lives Still Matter

In 2020, Ambient Willow and Speak2meJewlelry collaborated on a special project to help raise funds for black organizations fighting for justice. We had the honor of donating $140 to the Andrew Joseph Foundation & $110 the Du Nord Riot Recovery Fund based off the sales of out protection packs (sold out) and "I can't breathe" stickers

"I can't breathe" stickers are still available for purchase.

Handmade Soaps #smallshoplove

Ambient Willow is happy to present it's latest collaboration with Elan Vital Soapery. Enjoy this limited supply of the Nature's Garden line of handmade floral shaped soaps in the scent lemon/eucalyptus.

The Burned House Resurrects


This collection is inspired by ZenChristian's poetry book "The Burned House Resurrects" published in 2019.  The BHR re-visits memories and feelings Zen never acknowledged or analyzed as a child and works to make sense of them in the here and now.


The collection features limited signed copies of the book, "Here, We Lay the Bones to Rest" Zine (digital and physical copies), & stickers.



The archives is a home for old creations. It stores past collections, series, and items featured in the shop. Currently includes the Quarantined Spirit series and clay creations.