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Here's to Moving Forward

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

This week was full of a lot of emotions, obligations, and a little stress on the side. I’m not one to talk much about politics with others. I prefer to keep that personal or situational. Not every situation, with certain people is a good environment to bring heavy and emotionally invested topics like politics or religion up. If I’m with people that I trust and value their truths/knowledge/experiences then I can talk about those uncomfortable things because I’m in a safe, supportive space. I’ve talked a lot about the election with my lover Curtis and my mom, just trying to make sense of what I feel and process this new change.

I think if this election has done anything for me, it’s made me appreciate my people more. Time is limited, even more these days for black people. It’s important to make the time to be with your friends and make moments. I cherish every second I get with my friends, all the alone time with Curtis, and the times I get to be home with my family. As much as I wanted to sulk about the election results, I honestly don’t have time to. The semester is quickly coming to an end which means finals, papers, portfolios, and crazy hours at work are just around the corner. I had a successful fist semester as president of an open mic on campus called The Poets at USF but now it’s time to start planning for the spring and that’s no easy task!

This past week was also a week full of poetry. Writing is my best form of communication I’ll ever have so with everything I’ve been feeling immersing myself in my art was what I needed. I wrote a new poem titled Modern, that I wokshopped in my poetry class. It’s a rewrite of a poem I wrote in high school about the periods in Picasso’s painting career (specifically the Blue and Rose period). The first section of the poem is written in Tankas which is a poetic form close to a Haiku. Instead of 3 lines with the syllable pattern 5/7/5, Tanka’s structure is 5 lines with the syllable pattern 5/7/5/7/7. An excerpt from the Modern:

I. Blue Period: Blue Nude (1902), Picasso

We rest under blue

lights, our bodies melting

together, we use

tongues-quiet-black from too many

secrets kept, to carve pathways

in throats, find what blue

weeps inside of us, exists

in spite of this blue

light floating near us in be

-tween the love buried inside.

Another exciting thing that happened was me slamming for the first time and I got to do it with my lovely boyfriend there. It was a bonding moment for us to say the least. For those who don’t know, poetry slams are the competitive side of poetry. There are 5 random judges and they score the poets on a 1-10 scale using decimal points (9.3, 7.2, 8.9, etc). I’m new to the spoken word scene but it was definitely an amazing experience. The slam was at WeSpoke’s (a slam team in Tampa) monthly show, every 2nd Saturday at the Bunker in Ybor. It was filling to be in a room full of beautiful poets and people who I’ve had the honor of calling friends, of calling family.

Tonight, my open mic is collaborating with a modeling troupe on campus called Prestige for their fashion show Aesthetic. I’m excited to see how it turns out. It’s one thing to hear someone’s vision but to see it come to life is magical. It’s going to be a good way to end/start my week. I’m still trying to sort out my feelings about everything that has happened but I’m going home for Thanksgiving next week and my birthday is coming up soon. I’ve got a lot to look forward to and to be happy about. I hope everyone has a beautiful week at work, school, or whatever you got going on!

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"I write poems in case I ever disappear"

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