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Over Due Vacation: Toronto, Canada

Beautiful humans! Recently I took a vacation to Toronto, Canada with my fiance Curtis and it was a full adventure <3 There's a lot to write about but for now, I'll give you all the highlights of the trip, along with some pictures I took! I'll probably put a few pictures in here and the rest over on the MOMENTS page.

One thing I noticed while preparing for this trip, was that everyone had the same question when we told them we were traveling to Toronto: Why? I don't think anyone needs a reason to go anywhere except because they can and are craving time away from everyday life. This year so far has been filled with many opportunities for growth and a lot of space for change both comfortable and uncomfortable. I'm finally settling in to a space where I'm learning to find balance and make time for me but self care has been difficult amongst the madness nonetheless. There's been lots of sleepless weeks and super fatigued days and always so much to do, which is why we needed a getaway.

This picture is so odd to me lol But we found this on a random pillar/beam thingy near some art galleries we visited

One thing I was looking forward to the most in Toronto was the weather. Curtis and I may have overestimated how cold it was going to be lol by bringing mad sweaters but it was a great change in pace from the hot humid Florida weather. If I could have bottle the temperature and the breeze that accompanied it and brought it home with me, I would've.

The highs:

  • I tried fresh vegan pizza for the first time. It was a meat lovers & bbq flavored, very impressed :p

  • Walking through China Town and Little Italy

  • Visiting several small art galleries

  • Having one of the best tasting and portioned meals at a cute lil Japanese restaurant down the street from our air bnb

  • Went to a comedy show and it wasn't too shabby (I have a tough sense of humor, just ask Curtis lol)

  • Pride was happening that weekend <3

  • Once we discovered the subway, life was better lol

  • Went to a showcase type thing called "Sounds of the Six" which was pretty cool, I will try to upload some clips from the show that night for those that want to check it out (under the moments page on my site)

  • A comedian at the comedy show said Curtis and I looked the most Canadian in the room....little did they know lol


  • A lot of cool street art

  • I tired fresh pressed juice with bee pollen in it, I've had bee pollen in honey before but never free floating in my drink. It was pretty good

The lows:

  • Curtis lost his phone at the vegan pizza place but we found it lol

  • Our air bnb was false advertised and trash but we made it work

  • Lyfts in Canada are EXPENSIVE as hell

  • There was no air conditioning or ventilation period in our air bnb but thank god for the fan (that at first didn't want to work!)

  • I killed a baby tarantula (maybe, maybe not but it could've been a cousin haha) and got a bruise on my leg trying to kill it lol

  • A majority of our lyft drivers asked us for directions (worst idea ever) and weren't the most social people I've ever met

  • I had no service, but it wasn't the worst thing in the world to disconnect for a bit

Overall we had a great time being away from our everyday lives and just being present. If you wanna know more about out trip just ask one of us in person lol Thank you to everyone who has supported and read my last reflection! If you haven't read it yet, go check it out and learn a bit more about my latest merch collaboration with Alex Moonsang. Print copies coming soon!


"I write poems in case I ever disappear"

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