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Post Graduation: Finding Time to Create

Graduation was truly one of the best days of my life. I can’t believe I managed to graduate with two degrees, one in psychology and one in creative writing. Double majoring is hard but rewarding when it’s completed. One thing I kept telling Curtis is that it felt like my entire family was graduating given how excited they were. It warms my heart looking back at the photos of everyone that came to support me.

Having a support system is so important to me because I can't always do everything on my own even though I try. My little brother, who I rarely get to see but when I do I cherish those moments like no other, came to graduation. Having him there, my mom, grandma, older brother, aunt, step mom, my best friends Lic and Jas, and my boyfriend and his family there meant everything to me. All that to say, it was a magical moment filled with so much love.

It hasn’t hit me yet that I’m finished with school. I want to go back to get my MFA in poetry, but that'll be in another year or two. Something exciting to note, I’m staying at my job on campus! Currently I’m waiting for the paperwork to get processed before I start my new hours. So basically I’ve been at home figuring out what to do with my time.

I’m not used to having so much free time on my hands to create. It’s what all of artist wish for but when we are presented with it, why don’t take advantage of it? I’m at a place where my mindset is that school comes before my craft. Now that school is finished, my craft comes first but I have to get adjusted to this way of thinking. It hasn’t even been full week since graduation so I can’t expect to form new habits so soon.

While I’m in a space of redirecting my focus and energy, I’ve been getting back into yoga and meditation. In the light of my health issues this year, I had to accept that I suffer from stress and anxiety. They can cause inflammation in organs and joints, stomach ulcers, and increased stomach acid.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned this the hard way by experiencing some of those. Yoga and meditation have helped with keeping me calm. There are sequences, flows, and meditations that are specific for managing stress and anxiety. I plan on making a post about some apps for android that I use on my phone that aid me in my yoga and meditation practices. So stay tuned.

Congratulations to everyone who graduated this past weekend, USF or not. Four years of exams, discussion posts, and stories/poems due every other day ain’t no joke. But we made it. Here’s to figuring the rest out as we go!

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"I write poems in case I ever disappear"

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