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Random 30/30 Poems from April

Photo taken by Black Rose Photography @growhousetampa's first poetry slam (that I won, surprisingly :p) held at the Ybor Barbering Company every 4th Saturday

So this is a bit overdue but I decided to share some of my National poetry month 30/30 challenge entries since I haven't done anything with them. For those of you that don't know, the 30/30 challenge is basically writing a poem a day for the month of April (National Poetry Month). These were all just random thoughts that I could muster up into a poem that day. I hope you all enjoy. Before you leave be sure to like the post, subscribe to the site if you want to read more work by me, and share with friends!

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“Afterlife” 1/30

what happens to our memories when they die inside of us? do they posses bodies? will they decay and become ash? or leave their ghosts behind to haunt the halls of this house trying so hard to be a home? when memories die, should I read a poem at their wake? say a few kind words for the faces I can no longer remember and the ones I choose not to? what happens when they take leave of me? will I fill empty?

Haiku-“Scorched petals” 2/30

The flowers in my

hair are dry. Florida weather

has never been kind.

“Organ donor” 3/30

In class today, my teacher told us to think

about the physical body and how when humans

donate parts of themselves if they will recognize them

in the new home? Host?

Will we notice something is missing? Is this body even ours to claim?

I first got my I.D. when I was 15 and they asked if I wanted to be an organ donor.

I said no.

Does that make me a monster?

If I had said yes and died the next day would I be honorable? To be able to give

life in my absence?


If the definition of body is: the physical

structure of a person or an animal,

including the bones, flesh, and organs,

then are you the body or just an inhabitant of it?

Haiku-“Mating season” 5/30


we loved like wolves, mates

for eternity, our

bond broken at death.


He dug my grave, tossed

my body making a feast

out of our love.

Tanka/Haiku-“Last attempt” 12/30

I swim in the pool

wearing nothing but my bones.

Gravity pulls them

to the bottom as I float

above. Is this is what it feels

like when god listens

to your prayers and tells you

it’s time to come home?

Tanka-“Summers in Florida”

The Florida heat sinks

into browning palm tree leaves,

dries them from inside

their bellies, evaporates

their existence like raindrops.

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"I write poems in case I ever disappear"

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