Here, We Lay the Bones to Rest, is a zine collaboration with Alex Moonsang (@a.moonsang)  compromised of 5 poems, hand selected from The Burned House Resurrects a poetry collection by ZenChristian Mott. Each poem is accompanied by illustrations created by Alex. 


The theme is heavily inspired by the Bones will Replace Memories series that runs throughout the book. Each poem represents a memory want to find peace in the here and now.


To read the full collection of The Burned House Resurrects, copies are available for purchase on

Here, We Lay the Bones to Rest (digital zine)

  • The file format for the digital zine is not open to edit or print as all rights to the product are reserved to Alex Moonsang and ZenChristian Mott. This is solely an electronic copy for convenience. For a physical copy of the zine "Here, We Lay the Bones to Rest," the link to purchase one is in the shop.