"I write poems in case I ever disappear"

"So which one are you? The forgetful or the fogotten? Maybe it's not the worst fate to forget yourself if you're always remembered or to remember yourself if you're always forgotten." -Forget-Me-Not, ZenChristian Mott


"Forget-Me-Not" is inspired by an unreleased poem that explores the spirtiual symbolism of the forget-me-not flower and serves as a metaphor for grandmother as she started to lose her memory before her passing.



  • All "Forget-Me-Not" Prints are printed on 8 X 11 stock matte paper, with original watercolor Illustrations and a hand selected quote from ZenChristian's unreleased poem "Forget-Me-Not."

  • All items will be shipped 1-3 days after a product is purchased. All products can be shipped either through U.S.P.S or UPS.

    Those who live in Tampa, arrangements can be made for the product to be hand delivered or picked up.

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