Illustrated Flowers 2
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like Buddhism

& Christian like Christianity

"...becoming the embodiment

of Zen and a Christian,

I've learned there's no real way to be both

at once."-From the Ashes She will Rise


March Shop Update:

Friday, 3.12.21 @6pm EST.

Open for

March Shop Update:

Friday, 3.12.21 @6pm EST.

ZenChristian's Lil Art Shop: Ambient Willow

Ambient Willow is a little online art shop that offers original artwork and creations all deeply rooted in hope, healing, and growth. The meaning of the name simply put is "the hope that surrounds us." Ambient Willow is a shop that fosters  hope through art and cares about the well being and mental health of all creatives, especially black creatives.


Creative CV

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The Burned House Resurrects

The Burned House Resurrects is a collection of poems woven together by childhood influences of...

Spring/Summer 2021 Bookings

Available for online features and virtual writing workshops.

Yellow Series in Cordella Mag

"Every Sunday, we sit.

He drinks his coffee and I drink the sun swirling around in a cup. In some ways...."

"I write poems in case I ever disappear"

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